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Patients who suffer from joint pain often look for rapid relief and make use of pain medication because the pain can be so acute and devastating. If the issue continues to worsen, doctors will frequently recommend surgery as the next step; in some instances, they may even recommend joint replacement surgery for the hip or knee. A significant number of patients are apprehensive to go through with an operation that would need a protracted period of rehabilitation and may not even be effective.

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Some joint replacements only endure for a few years before they need to be redone; this is another cause for concern, along with the growing number of joint replacement recalls and class action lawsuits that are being marketed on television. An alternative treatment is available for you in the event that your shoulder injury has not progressed to the point where it requires surgical intervention. This treatment would allow you to avoid the excruciating pain that follows surgical intervention in the shoulder. Prolotherapy is a much safer and painless form of alternative shoulder therapy that could help you in curing you of your nagging shoulder pain for good.

Although the majority of specialists would advocate a shoulder surgery, prolotherapy is a form of shoulder therapy that is becoming increasingly popular. In this type of treatment, the irritant dextrose is administered through injections. It is a form of therapy. A prolotherapist may inject some quantity of dextrose into the parts of the shoulder that are injured in the hopes that the human body’s natural inflammatory response to the medically injected irritant will speed up the tendon healing process. Injections of natural solutions are used in the treatment modality known as prolotherapy. This therapy is often utilised in the field of naturopathy and is intended to alleviate discomfort in areas such as joints and conjunctive tissue. The injections cause a local irritation, which is followed by the stimulation of immune reparatory reactions.

The goal of this method is to activate the body’s natural self-healing process, and the injections themselves cause the local irritation. A medical practitioner who specialises in prolotherapy is required to carry out the treatment. This is a non-surgical therapy that helps rebuild ligaments and treats chronic aches like back pain and the pain that results from sports injuries. It is helpful for both of these conditions. In addition to that, it is an efficient method of treating arthritis. This approach provides a distinct perspective on pain and healing, and it is an extremely successful form of therapy that does not include any invasive procedures.

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