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Suicide Prevention

Virtual communities, particularly those targeted toward the prevention of suicide, have the ability to bring together groups of people who have attempted suicide but were unsuccessful, their family and friends, and professionals in the subject, who can be located anywhere in the world.

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Because of everyone’s participation in the conversation as a whole and the significance of their individual contributions, it is possible to exchange vital information and develop relationships that are mutually supportive. People construct a safety net around themselves that may assist in protecting them when they are experiencing feelings of hopelessness when they participate in virtual communities where they feel connected to others, receive encouragement from others, and are encouraged to be who they truly are. To our great relief, not all of the online communities establishing to address the issue of suicide prevention are appearing as a result of pure coincidence.

Professional organisations and academic institutions are integrating their own communities and resources into the wider mix in recognition of the usefulness of the internet world in helping to provide a conduit for addressing psychological and emotional concerns. A person’s demographics, such as race, religion, gender, and social status, are irrelevant when it comes to the tragedy that is suicide. Families and friends are often left with a desperate sense of powerlessness and profound grief after surviving the suicide of a loved one. This tragedy is devastating to families and friends. People who struggle with mental illnesses need us to find ways to make their lives easier, and we need to find those ways.

No one should ever be forced to pick between essential necessities like food, clothing, or medication. Everyone has the right to have their fundamental requirements satisfied while also being treated with regard and tolerance. The individual is not to blame for their mental illness any more than they are for their cancer or heart disease. The vast majority of us have trouble grasping this concept. The manifestations of mental illness that we are aware of are merely the tip of the iceberg. Many more people endure their pain in private. We are only made aware of those who are suffering from mental illness because they are not receiving adequate treatment. This can sometimes make us feel uneasy and compels us to examine how our individual priorities have shaped the outcomes of our lives.

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